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a question of Hell

in a forum I belong to someone asked a question about 'Hell' and Satan's Kingdom - this was my response:

Re: Hell ?

I DO believe there is something beyond this existence - after all,
SCIENCE proves that energy cannot be created or destroyed, simply
transformed - and what is our LIFE, but some form of as yet
undetermined energy? Think about it - what is the difference between
a living human and a corpse? Nothing, except the presence of LIFE.
The parts are exactly the same otherwise. So, it follows that our
Life Energy still exists after it leaves our physical body - it HAS
to, as energy cannot be destroyed. Whether our CONSCIOUSNESS
continues... I dunno.

Did you know 'hell' in the X-ian bible was originally referring to a
dump far outside of town where trash was burned? Yup, it's true.
(this of course is NOT referring to all of the Qabalistic esoteric
code contained in there... nothing to do with their bullshit
mind-control fantasy of "god") The entire concept of a never-ending
pain in a burning landscape is pure shit. For one, the sense of pain
is simply a function of nerve endings - a simple thing to turn off in
today's medical world. So to say you will experience pain NOT
associated with your body is impossible.

So - in a nutshell:

Hell - NO

Heaven - NO (just a bribe that's never paid to get you to do what your told)

'something beyond' - most definitely!

Satan's Kingdom? It's all around us. He is The Lord of This World,
pre-dating the lies and oppression of the Abrahamic tyranny.
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