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a brief answer to a question I received

a VERY brief overview - as always, these are MY opinions, and like elbows, everyone's got one or two... ^_^

re: "Satanism"

people definitely get the wrong idea about things like this... there are, from what I have been able to find out in my studies, THREE main types of "Satanists":

1) atheistic or symbolic - they are from the Anton LaVey camp. They don't believe in anything beyond this existence, and the word 'Satan' is just a boogie-man invented by the Christian Church to keep people in line. You live, you die, and that's it.

Personally, I've found this a little hypocritical - if 'Satan' doesn't exist, then what are they doing during ritual, playing dress-up? Lying to themselves?

2) reverse Christians - they believe the Bible is correct, they just side with 'the bad guy'.

My only reply is "WTF?!" LOL

3) Pagan or Theistic Satanists - they believe that "Satan" was a pre-existing Pagan deity that has been maligned by the oppressive control structure of the Church. The gods of one society become the demons of their conquerors.

I think this makes the most sense - it's absolutely documented and provable that the so-called "demon" Astaroth was in fact derived from the Pagan goddess Astarte or Ishtar. If you look at the traditional depiction of the god Pan, it's not hard to see where they got their 'devil'.

Just a little clarification... 2,000 years of propaganda is hard to combat, eh?

What am I?

Abit of this... abit of that.

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I consider myself to be a Spiritual Satanist so I guess that falls under Theistic perhaps? I would think so considering that I do believe in the actual existence of Satan and the Demons(Old Gods). I believe him to have been the former EA/Enki of the past Sumeria/Mesopotamia era. They were known as the Annunaki and they came here in search of gold to repair their atmosphere on Nibiru. Satan came under the guise of a Peacock to his chosen prophet Sheik Adi who wrote the Al-Jilwah or more commonly known as the black book of Satan and at that time they weren't able to even speak his name otherwise they would be slaughtered in this mass Inquisition that most don't even believe is still going on, but the evidence is there. Just look at Tibet right now. It's ridiculous. Millions murdered simply, because they refuse to be slaves to a tyrant false god who isn't even a god at all, but a group of humans and other creatures that wish to enslave all the Gentiles and use them to do their bidding. Father will seek out the punishment to those that have caused these atrocities and I stand with him.

Hail Satan!

~Rev. Saminga
Tony, that's as good as a description as could have given, I like it. I would like to add this as well: from a more Hermetic view, Satan is the 'Whole', and all flows from HIM. He is the supreme deity. Since our relationship with HIM is and adversarial one, man attempting to become closer to God imagine that, this makes it a Left Hand Path....

Thank you for the clarification. I have always thought of myself as a theistic Satanist, and your definition comes the closest to how I view and practise Satanism.